Well, I would not go right to fun……

180 bucks, 9 hours, 4 rides…..thats an average of 2 and 1/4 hours standing in line for each 50 second ride. One ride was 25 seconds……
None of us really enjoined it.

We stood in line for 2 and 1/5 hours for the X2. What a piece of over marketed garbage! I hope that the designer got fired! It was so rough! I had to clamp my mouth shut so my teeth would not vibrate out. To add salt into the wound, it has just been given a 10 million dollar refurbish. I am so glad that I did not get to ride the original X!!!! It was popular because we rode it the day after it opened I guess, hence the long wait. It will be interesting (not) to read some reviews and see what the popular consensuses is about the ride after all that money has been spent on it.
After that, it could only get better, and it sort of did.
Standing in line for another 2 hours saw us ride the Viper. Now thats a roller coaster, nice and smooth, no getting smashed to bits, nice loops. All over in about 54 seconds, but at least you walk away smiling.
From there we did the Superman escape. It was ok, it was the shortest of the rides at 25 seconds. I don’t remember feeling weightless for so long (pity really).
From there it was over to Tatsu. This is one weird coaster. You get in sitting down, but then they rotate it so you are horizontal (your feet are clamped in as well), then you do the whole ride like that, head first, inside and outside loops, it was really neat and super!

That was it. That was 9 hours. We ate lunch while standing in line, so there was no time lost.
All the standing on line and getting banged up in the X2 has left me with some pretty cranky hips and leg muscles, I have a pretty solid limp at the moment, not a lot of fun, I hope it works its way out asap, I have been doing a lot of streaching to try and get it sorted.

Note to self (and you lot), DO NOT do amusement parks on a public holiday!

We spent an enjoyable Monday morning with Steve and Karrie and the kids. (Oh, and Sunday night we watched ‘P.S I love you’, the girls loved it, the guys put up with the girls loving it).
We installed blinds in the rooms, weeded the vegi garden, planted his fruit trees, installed the closet cloths racks and just generally did stuff. Since we don’t have a house to do stuff with, its fun to help them.
Monday afternoon we had a super smooth fast run home. (i.e the holiday weekend traffic nightmare did not show).

I have given up on the computer and have gone back to the old hard drive, its not the best, but I hope in a day or so I can get it a little more sorted. I am going to see if I can get the sound working and look at running Windows in a virtual machine with this old version. (Im still keen to only run the one PC for both Linux and Windows). Anyway, just letting yous all know the status of the computer (aka, still not happy).

Yes, I know the blog has been down for 2 days, its hosted by a company in Australia, not me or Dan, its just another reason why I have gone back to my old hard drive, the blog was working on there.
Sooner I can get it up and running, sooner I can transfer the site from Dan (and the flaky blog hoster) to my PC and have things the way they were.

So, that was our first long weekend in America……. they can only get better from here!