What do my new printer, a hand dryer and a petrol pump all have in common?

April 4th, 2008
Its my 4th day at work, and so I’m guessing that you all get the idea that its work as usual and I’m loving it, so we are going to move on in the blog from work to things of interest (with some work stuff tossed in from time to time).

So, a printer, hand dryer, and gas pump….. whats the link?
Oh, come on, try!
Ok, I will give you a huge hint, my new printer is one of the new HP things that allow you to print direct from a memory card, it has a little 3.5 inch color touch screen to walk you through the process…… That hint should give it away………

No, still tossed?

Ok, well, when you are in the bathroom and you hit the button on the dryer, the built in screen starts up and gives you a little entertainment while you get your hands dry…..True. It plays little short adds at you while you are ’stuck’ there getting your hands dry.
I pulled in at the petrol station to get some gas, did the swipe your card thing (just love it!), and put the nozzle in the car, and next thing I know, the ‘add sign’ on the top of the pump starts up and starts playing all these little 5 second adds at me while I am standing there holding the lever to fuel my car….. It was pretty bizarre.
Last night. I finally get my new printer working. It works over the network and took some getting going (my router is also a DHCP server and gave it a different address from the one it was installed with, I don’t know how non-geeks go with these things, I really don’t).
Anyway, so I get this thing going, and print a picture, while I am standing there waiting, my printer starts flashing all these adds for HP products and services at me!!!!!! Unbelievable!

So, what do my new printer, a hand dryer and a petrol pump have in common? They all spam me with stuff I don’t need or asked for!!!!

Welcome to America.