Run that past me again…….

I really should learn, and stop going down to the bank (between them and the cell phone mob….. Ahh, never mind).
The guy there is fantastic, really helpful and understanding, its just that his hands are tied by the system….anyway, getting to the point……
We wanted to build a credit rating, so we thought we would borrow some money, don’t worry what for at this stage, just go with me on this…… we wanted to borrow 10k. I have 12k in the bank, we needed 14k, so we thought we would borrow the 10k, leaving us with 8k in the bank for a rainy day…….thats what we thought, but when you are nobody, thats not how it works.
Because we do not have a credit rating, they can only give us a secured loan. This means they take my 10k, lock it away, and then lend it back to me, at 7.52% interest.
I’m not sure what I can say, this is a family blog………
Clearly I am not happy, its not the guys fault, he looked at it every which way, but no rating, no unsecured money. End of story.
It’s not just the fact that we are 2k short, we did not want to borrow to the max, and not have any reserves, its the fact that we are no one. A vapor. I cant believe that there would be too many Americans that have 10k in the bank, free and clear….. Never mind, I am not going to become bitter about it….. The therapy is going well, I no longer suck my thumb as I cry myself to sleep at night……………………..