Test drove the bus today………

The burning question is, was Gary or I gripping the wheel the tightest?

I was pretty good when I had breakfast, lunch was meh (local restaurant with this weeks training group), by three oclock, I knew I could not stay at work.
I barley made it up the stairs and into our bathroom before I was on my knees gripping the big porcelain steering wheel with both hands…… Man O man I was crook. I lay on the bed for about an hour and then was at it again, lay down for about 1/2 hour and then was at it again. By this time I was pretty much dry reaching. There was not a lot left in the tank.
We wont go there, but the other end was leaking pretty bad too.

Is 9pm and I am a little better, I have had a little toast with Vegemite on it. Im really sore from spewing my guts out, feeling very, very dehydrated, but least I am not sailing though any stop signs! Have not been to the dunny for a few hours, so I dont know whats happening with the plumbing, but hopefully it’s on the mend (I dont intend on doing any test breaking of the wind to find out!)

Anyway, there you have it, probably a huge over share, but I just had to share my first real bought of sickness in America with you all.
Normal blog programming should resume in a day or so (Oh, I really hope so, it was / is NO fun!)