To young to drive?

I have noticed a trend……. twice now when dropping Amy off at school I have been nearly hit head on in the car park. More than 4-5 times I have been nearly sideswiped.
In each case, its been a 16-17 year old kid at the wheel, girls feature more than boys in my near misses.
It seems to me that these kids might have a lack of experience in handling low speed corners. Every near miss has been at a corner. In a nut shell they have been cutting the corner. Its not like they did not see me, each time they did, its just they do not have any spatial awareness. They have no idea how much space their car takes up, or how it moves though space (ie the car park).
I think its an interesting idea to have kids drive a year or two before they are old enough to (legally) drink. But is 16 too young to be behind the wheel of a car?

Im feeling much better and we are off to LA for church tomorrow. Just an up and back, I have some photos to take on Sunday……..