An unexpected danger.

We are on day 5 of +30°C temperatures here, and so Freddy and I have been sleeping with the window open. Since it cools down at night, its been pleasant enough, and has saved running the air-con unit.

Last night…. well, actually, 2am this morning, we discovered an unexpected danger of sleeping with the window open, we both woke up at the same time feeling rather ill……….. A skunk had sprayed somewhere down in the garden and the smell wafted up and thats what had woken us up. You know its a good smell when two people are woken at that hour, and feeling ill at the same time. (Dave W eat your heart out, not even you can do that!).
We tried putting up with it, Freddy looked out the window for a while, she really wants to see one, but in the end, it won out, we shut the window and went back to hot sleep.
Hopefully its not a common event, be a shame to have to run the air-con just to filter the air!