A trip into the desert.

Freddy and I have a long weekend (July 4th – Independence Day) while the kids are at camp, so we are going to go on a little bike trip to visit an Ozi mate of mine.

We think we are going to break it up on the way there and have an overnight at some stage. On the way back we are not so sure. We were planing on doing it in one hit, but lots of people (2) have told me that its going to be hot, really, really hot (like over 45°C hot), so now I am thinking that it might be nice to break the ride home up as well, and only ride in the evenings and the mornings. Duno. Anyway, we have about 2 weeks to plan for it.

I have ordered a GPS bracket from Amazon, should be here tomorrow and I have ordered the power cable for the bike so I don’t have to run the GPS off its batteries. It should be here Friday.
There is not much else to do to the bike to make it ready, just a case of making Freddy and I as comfortable as possible in the heat.
Speaking of heat, it hit 40.3°C here today. Not nice on the bike in traffic, but then its not nice in the car in traffic either at that temperature, at least the bike is quicker though the traffic than the car!