Spoken like a true biker.

Rang Gary on the weekend. We don’t get many chances to catch up, so its usually a long chat with lots of things covered.
As we were finishing up he was saying that he was going to look at the Google street view of the loop.
I told him about how much I am looking forward to getting the 1 hour video and how much I am not looking forward to trying to edit it down to about 10 min to fit on YouTube, and like the true biker he has become he said ‘Just burn the hour on to a DVD and send it to me, I would like to watch the whole thing’…… You know when you have the bug bad when you are prepared to watch an hour of home video motor bike riding.
(I guess its a little sad when I returned the ‘favor’ and asked if he could send his hour + of unedited video to me).

Anyway, I guess the reason it was so touching is because its my old bike that has made the change. Its great to know its loved. I sure do miss it.