First ride ‘day’ today……

I have been really missing my roster days off. I have also been missing my rides on those days.
To this end, Freddy said that, since I come home for lunch, and am home by 4:45 every day, she would not be against me taking 4-5 hours in the evening once a monthish to go for a ride.
So, today is the first time I am going to give it a try.

Here is a link to a Google map of my proposed route……

I’m very excited!
Amy hummed and haawed at joining me, but in the end she wants to try the local loop that I have been doing first. I don’t mind. I like riding on my own now and then, its great think time.
I plan to get the GPS bracket mounted over lunch, and then go home after work at usual, get changed, take on some food, water and the camera then head off by 5pm. I should be home by 9 (ie just on sundown / twilight). Just a shortish one for a start.
It should be a great ride, there are a lot of different road types and country in this loop. I hope to give a report in tomorrows blog as to how it went.
I’m very, very excited.