This is NOT a back flip!

I’m sure you all remember my stance on 4 way stops….. Well, this morning, on the way to work, one of the 8 sets of lights I go through was out…….. ‘Uh-oh, here we go, its going to be a massacre’ is what passed through my mind. Im feeling pretty comfortable on the bike, but flashing lights at a busy intersection is enough to make even the toughest of riders shudder……..

The Californian Drivers Book says that in the case of faulty signals, the intersection is treated as a 4 way stop…… And thats what every one did…… blow me down, it worked. It was all very ordered and calm.
No running the gauntlet, no heart in mouth, just stop and go, smooth and safe.
I almost hate to say it, but Australian drivers could learn a thing or five from the example.

This is not a back flip, I still think that they are way too many of the stupid things, I still think they hinder the flow of traffic. Granted, they are cheaper than a round-about, but, in the case of the faulty traffic light, they teach a method that works!

Off to LA for church tomorrow. At this stage we will just go up and back. Its one service in the afternoon, so I can have a nap before we go, a lazy morning would be nice. Sunday I might put up some more of the weather station and try and get the web page trip report finished.