Sundays are strange.

Sundays here are still a little odd. Normal, but different, bit like most things for us it seems.
Before I stoped work, each Sunday was key to get things done and keep us on the timeline for the move. They were busy and there was little time for much personal things.
When I stopped work, it seemd that every day was Sunday. The jobs never seemed to end, the to-do list never got any shorter. The only break we got was Tuesday evenings when we would have wine and crackers (and lots of other very yummy stuff) at our neighbours place.
Once we got here, each Sunday was just a continuation of our busy week. Nothing much stops here and so we were able to cary on doing what needed (not always what we wanted to do) to be done.
There has been a few notable exceptions. Fathers day Sunday, and one or two at Steve’s place, but on the whole, they have not been what I remember Sundays to be 8+ months ago.

Today is a strange Sunday. We dont have anything we have to do, no where we have to be. Its 10:30am and both kids are still in their PJ’s. I have been up since 2am thinking. There is so much going on in my head that I feel it will explode soon. I despratly what to go for a ride, but am painfuly aware that at best that leaves 2 people stuck in the apartment, or at worst, 3. As usual, its a beautiful day out side. More so than ususal today because its a little cooler. We should be outside doing something, but have no idea what, and very little money to experiment with. We all seem content to just sit. We are all so tired, we just want to switch off for a bit.
I have finally started reading again. BoardFree. Its the story of  a guy that rides a skateboard across Australia. I read an ad for a book about a guy that rode a motorbike around Aust, and since that was my life long dream that never happen I thought I would buy the book. Turns out that the ABC bookshop in the Mall did not have it, but they had the BoardFree book, I thought I would grab it thinking I would get time to read it while in Australia. It never happen. So, I sit and read it on a strange Sunday in America.