After work ride #2

I really wanted to go once a month, and now that I am getting used to the bike, I am even more keen to make sure we have one a month, but the service of the bike has held this one up……….
Tomorrow, Amy and I are going for an after work ride, the second one ever.

route of AWR #2

I guess there are two things to note, 1. Its a there and back and 2. its been planed for corners.
I am really getting into the way the bike handles. I really like going smooth around corners. Its not about speed, it never has been for me, the thrill has not been scaring myself (or passangers), its been getting it right. This bike really rewards getting it right, and it responds to getting it right. Its a real buzz to ride.
Anyway, its two hours up and two hours back according to Google Maps.
If we get caught with traffic it could take a lot longer. I hope by going east to miss most of the comute traffic.
We might tweak things a little by going up north and going through Hemet on the way there, more corners in daylight that way, we will come home the way shown on the map. (Unless we are really getting it right and are looking for more corners on the way home).
I know its a pretty lame ride compared with the last one, and I am a little disapointed that its not a loop (I like loops), but I just have this corner fetish thing at the moment. You know, if you have an itch………