Three into one goes just nicely in America.

The California road rule book has a lot of different rules in it.
Some are quite sensible, and yet are ignored (indicator use), some are very sensible and are flouted (mobile phone use while driving) and some sound pretty good, if only a little over the top…… The rule that states that you have to pull over and stop when an emergency services vehicle passes by.
Sirens blaring, by the time you hear and start pulling over, they are ‘long gone’……. It matters not…… Over here, you pull over and stop.
I have seen it a few times, but none so spectacularly as this morning on the way to work.
Sitting at the lights of Rancho and Ynez a fire truck (yes, one of those long trucks with the guy steering on the back (they are so cool to watch going around the corner)) came down Ynez Rd. I sat on my bike and watched dumbfounded as 3 lanes of ‘kill or be killed’ traffic all some how pulled to the right hand lane and came to a stop. It was very impressive.
Fire, ambo, police, all get the same reaction. I get the pulling over thing, thats sensible, but the whole stop thing has me a little confused. I guess it matters not what I think, I just have to remember to stop…. some how, I suspect when the time comes, I will remember to pull over and the guy in front of me coming to a halt will remind me about the whole stop thing.