Music to your ear.

I think its been going on for about the past 3-4 months, but its just now really started to annoy me…….
Ring some ones mobile phone, and straight away, a female (VERY American) voice says, ‘Please enjoy the music until your party answers the phone’.
They then proceed to blast very loud distorted music in your ear for the next little while……. I’m told that the owner gets to pick which music they want from a list. So you just get a little repeating sample of the song that the phone owner thinks is ‘cute’ on the day.
Given the loud and distorted volume, which is a total mis-match to the persons voice or voice mail (when / if they answer the phone), I find it all rather annoying.
What happen to phones that go ‘ring ring’?? (And don’t need 248 Mb upgrades every other day).