Ride the Rim of the world.

Got to love long weekends!
Two rides in two days! (Thanks Stacey and Freddy).

I figured since I did my Monday ride on Sunday, I would try and do a ride that I had slated for an AWR, but had run out of daylight for this year.
The Rim of the World, no really, that’s what its called!

Its a straight 50 minute shot up the 215 freeway to get to the start of it. We left at 10 past 8, so there was not much traffic. This was good. You may not twig, but this was my first time on an LA freeway on the bike…….. More some other time. Perhaps.

The entree is all uphill sweepers. Nothing flash road wise, but the view. Wow. Before long (like in about 15-20 minutes) you are at 5000 feet, and the view back into the valley is amazing.
We took a left turn and went around Lake Arrowhead.
If I had to pick somewhere to retire, this would be it.
Its the most beautiful little town and lake. Tall trees, amazing homes cool summers and feet of snow each winter. I will take Freddy back on this ride, I know she will love it. Perhaps I will have the video camera working by then……
Anyway, trust me, its a beautiful town with a really nice feel to it.
From there, you get back on the Rim of the World Scenic Byway and its hard not to smile. The views are amazing.
The high school is well named. Terry has decided that it would be ok for us to move up there if we needed to on the condition he can go to that school.
Into Big Bear. Meh, its very touristy, big, and for some reason the lake is not as spectacular as Arrowhead.
Anyway, the road really gets going after Big Bear.
The photos dont go close. On the way down, the best views, we just could not find a spot to pull over and take some photos, so you just got to trust me when I tell you the views and road are just amazing.
Corner after corner Terry and I would just burst out with ooo’s and ahhhhrrrr’s. There was a bit of traffic, so the bike could not get its head of steam up, which is just as well, as the view would have been missed.
On the road I set a new personal altitude record. 8460 feet. Thats 2.578 km’s!!!!!
I have no idea how, but I plan to go back on a new moon weekend and see what the stars are like from from up there. Im guessing they will be pretty good! There are a few camp grounds, so thats my best bet. Tent or RV. See how we go.
Once off the mountain, its a hot desert run home.

Great ride. Glad that Terry came, and he is too.
Was not a ride ride like Monday, but it was a pretty day out. I am looking forward to taking Freddy back over the exact same route some Sunday (soon, before it gets cold and snowy, although that would be nice to see) soon.