Trainee trainer

Kelly is due in about 9 weeks, and since she is one of the three trainers for the course Opto offer twice a month, its been decided that I should get up to speed so I can teach the course as and when required.
Thats right, scary as it seems, they are going to be teaching me to teach the next generation of Opto-ites.
So, for the next few training weeks (roughly the first and third weeks of the month (hey, I did say roughly, this week is not the first week of the month because Labor Day holiday was on the first Monday of the month)), I will be sitting in on the Tuesday (with Alexi) and Thursday (with Kelly) classes. I guess at some stage I will have to get up there and do a quarter day, or at least one section of the notes and have them evaluate me.
I have a copy of the training manual and I am just going to follow along and make notes. If any of the students have questions, I will be there to help, bit like I did on the first week I started at Opto.
In about 9 weeks, I hope to be able to do at least the Thursday class on my own, which will spare Tom or Alexi from doing it. (Tom already does Mondays and Wednesdays). Then as time goes by, I will get to the point where I can do any / all of the days…… Then its just a matter of taking the test, and I will be an Opto 22 certified trainer!
I’m looking forward to it. I’m nervous about teaching, but at least its a subject I know something about.