5 weeks and one notch

Have not posted much because its been a busy time. (Which is a nice way of saying I have been going nuts with a bunch of stuff and its hard for me to blog when I am orbiting another planet).

But, I just want to say, I had salad for lunch at a local restaurant with the training group. In other words, for the past 5 weeks I have been watching what I eat (and drink) and have been doing 25 minutes on the treadmill every morning, I am pleased to announce, the pot is gone. This morning I did my belt up another notch to stop my pants from falling down.

Raelene’s sister bought us some chocolate from Australia when she came out for a conference, we found some more Victorian port, I have found a few bottles of Green Ginger wine in a grog shop here, so I have not totally given up the finer things of life….. I’m just a little more careful with them.
(Mind you, I have this theory that giving up the drink is whats making me grumpy, but we don’t need to go there!).

The kids are fine, Freddy is happy to have her drivers license. Its all good.