19 years and 6 months

It was a double anniversary yesterday.
Freddy and I were married 19 years ago (technically, it was the day before yesterday, but its all a bit goofy to make it the day before the date, so we are sticking with the actual date rather than the actual day while we are this side of the international date line), and it was 6 months to the day that I started work at Opto 22.
Work was work as usual. It’s pretty busy with every one away. Selam called from the hospital to give us the news that her son had arrived. We have not heard from Tom, but that’s not unusual. The emails are keeping me as busy as the phone. A lot of them require some work to answer fully. Fresh ones come in each day, and of course the previous ones often span over a few days worth of correspondence.

For our anniversary we drove out to Bryces place and lay on the lawn and watched the humming birds. He has 3 feeders and about 2 dozen birds. Freddy snuck in close and took some video. I will get it get it on YouTube as soon as I can. Freddy was thrilled to see so many birds and all the dancing they do. It was like a swam of them……
Bryce gave us a nice bottle of red wine, so we stopped in at Vons suppermarket and bought some cheese, olives and bread. We then lit a candle and sat on the deck and had a little snack. It was a very nice evening.

What does the next year hold? I will be at Opto for a year in 6 months and this time next year we will be thinking hard about if we are going to apply to renew the visa for another 2 years over here. At this stage I think we will. I dont think its been worth the move for just two years, but really I am not thinking too much about it all at this stage. Its a day by day thing for me at the moment (still).