Defining the width of the brush.

A few weeks back I wrote my most ‘touchy’ entry, I’m sure you remember it, the one on Americans, their social and small world view…….
I actually got three emails from Americans as a result of that entry (this has never happen before)….. two and a half of the emails agreed with me.
However, all three pointed out that I was seeing things only from a Southern California point of view.
I raised this idea with one of the guys at work that I feel comfortable talking about this sort of thing with, and he agreed. Its the SoCal way of life.

So, I am not going to go back and edit the blog entry, it was a ‘true’ reflection of my frustrations and feelings at the time, but I do want to bring the width of the brush back a little and rather than paint ‘all’ Americans that way (which never was my intent, but I can see how I came off sounding like it), I will just say its most strongly felt in good old Southern California!

I’m told that North of LA things settle down, and East of here, the people are more friendly and open. (I’m lead to believe that their world view does not open up as much as they would think however). Then, it all gets back to the same old same old when you get to the coast, peaking in New York.
I hope I get the chance to experience it, it would be nice to see it first hand.

Anyone got any comments on what the ‘faults’ (perhaps ‘traits’ is a better word?) of Australians are? Perhaps its something that you cant see when you are one, you can only see it from an outsider living (and I think you really do need to live here, we saw none of this on any of our holidays here) in the country??