Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to work I go……

Its hard to call it work…… Its so much fun, Im surprised that its legal.
Well, Ok, thats probably pushing it, but I have to say, I have not even really started, but I am really enjoying my job as a docent at Mount Palomar Observatory.
One of the really good things about the ‘job’ is the super commute.
I take the bike every chance I get…….and here’s why;

ben riding to work on Palomar

Click here for a 1024×768 (114kb) version, and here for the full resolution version (4mb).
(I put the smallest version in (32kb) the blog so my Dad would not cop a big download on his satellite internet….. Hi Dad!).

How did I get said photo you may well ask……. As it happens, the road up to Mount Palomar is so popular with the bikes that different photographers park themselfs on the side of the road and take photos of pretty much everything heading up or down.
I pulled over after seeing him, and got his business card. It lead me to his web site, jpimagery.com and from there, you just select the date you were there and buy your photos.
Somewhere out there in Internet land, there is another photo of me from trip up the day after Labour Day, I plan on stopping at every one I see and get their card to try and find that photo.
I also want to get one of me scraping the pegs, Amy tells me that sparks come off it when I do, I am interested in seeing if you can see said sparks during the day (she saw them in the night from my last after work ride way too long ago).

I hope to get the lights updated soon to HID (More on that when it happens) and also there is a small chance I might be able to get a tire pressure monitor. I am really excited about all that, but am also trying to calm myself down, as, beleive it or not, both upgrades look like they are going to come from Australia. (A topic for a future blog). It could take some time, but hopefully before the end of the year.

I am planing to take my first after work ride in the dark tomorrow night…… more on that no doubt in the next few days……..