655 and Im very excited.

We have been looking for a little while, a house has been the goal.
Not to buy, as you all know, we cant do that on the visa we are on, but to rent.
It’s been a little tricky because we really wanted something close enough to Amys school such that she could walk to school and back.
Close enough to my work that I could still come home for lunch.
No more money than what we are currently paying.
Oh, and to top it off, we really need it to include a washer, dryer and fridge (to save us having to buy them for a little while)………

Freddys been looking for a while, and nothing has really shown up….. The new people in the complex had a bit of a scary domestic issue last Sunday morning (~2:30am!) that woke three of us up (Terry can sleep through pretty much anything I suspect) and gave us the shakes.
Latter that morning, Freddy found a listing that matched everything we needed.
When I rang, the woman was adamant that credit score would be the ‘only deciding issue’ as to who she would rent the house to. I explained the situation and she was not really interested, but we arranged to view the house any way.
When we got there, she had changed her tune a LOT. Our credit score was only part of the equation now….. So that was nice……
More about the house later.

We paid our $18.50 for her to run our credit report. Unfortunately she cant reveal the full report, but she can tell us our score.
Now, before I reveal the number (duh), you have to remember that we have only been here a little while, and have only got a credit card (with my own money) and a loan (with my own money), thats it, paying rent, or gas or electricity do not add to your credit score….. in other words, I have been able to do very little to actually get a score, or ‘improve’ it, or find out what it is……
Anyway, my score is 655….. what does this mean? Glad you asked.
Here is a cut and paste from the web………..

A credit score of 800-900 is basically flawless credit. Although I’ve never seen a 900 credit score, scores of 800-850 are a fairly common occurrence.

A credit score of 720-799 is considered great credit, and will typically result in interest rates and approval rates that a credit score in the range of 800-850+ would yield.

A credit score of 680-719 is considered good credit. Although it’s not perfect, you should still be able to qualify for most loans and auto or rental leases, although interest rates may be a little higher than those offered to borrowers with excellent credit.

A credit score of 620-679 are still considered “good” or “ok” by many creditors, though you may see further restrictions and fewer approvals when attempting to get a loan, lease, or a mortgage. Scores at this level are fairly common, and no reason for alarm.

580-619. This is where “ok” and “good” turn to “bad”. Credit scores in this range are clearly below average, and you will have a difficult time securing a loan, or applying for a credit card.

500-579. Credit scores in this range are just flat out ugly. If you’ve got a credit score in this range, there’s a good chance you have a major derogatory mark on your credit report such as a collection, charge-off, mortgage lates, a foreclosure, or a bankruptcy.

So, there you have it, I checked a few sites and they all say about the same thing.
I have an average credit score after 7 months.
Two things. 1. Im excited about that (and even more so about the house) and 2. What must you do to have / get bad credit??????