Thanksgiving take two was a double boom.

Sorry this is a little late, we have been the usual busy, so busy infact that I have a few blogable events backing up……. Anyway, back to Sundays Thanksgiving……..

Thursdays Thanksgiving was a little of our side and some of Karries side of the family, it was a nice mix. Because we were all in town, Steve and Karrie arranged to have pretty much all of the other side of the family over (and some hanger ons that were very welcome).
We went up Saturday for church, just as we pulled into the car park, Terry announced he was feeling car sick. Zero point one of a second later, vomit filled the back of the car……. well, ok, perhaps not filled, but it sure sounded and smelt like it!
We never made it to church. We headed straight to Steve and Karries and started to clean up. We listened to Brians sermon via the computer link.
Saturday night was a nice relax night. We watched the USC Trojan’s dominate the game, tried some Moonshine (that was disappointingly good) and generally sat around and caught up.
Sunday morning, the guys took Jo to the airport and talked about life the universe and everything on the way back.

Sunday lunchtimish, we were sitting out the back when there were suddenly two very loud bangs. Not like a gun bang, not like a car prang bang, a real percussion bang, two of them, very close together. They were so strong the windows rattled and I felt them very clearly on my skin.
At the time I wondered if it was the shuttle, but it was only latter that it was confirmed, we had indeed felt the famous double sonic boom as the shuttle reentered the atmosphere. It landed at Edwards airforce base in CA.
It was pretty cool.

Sunday afternoon the rest of the mob arrived and we had a lot of fun goofing off in the back yard. A few of us hit the deck (kids toys with wheels and old guys that should know better), but nothing was broken.
A super meal, and a nice drive home.
Not one, but two Thanksgivings. Thanks again to all that made it happen.
Photos of the take two version are in this album here. They start with Scott on on board holding the football.