Fireside chat.

I’m going to really struggle getting this one to make sense, so bear with me, and lets see how we go………

Some time after you start at Opto 22, the opportunity is given for you to have a fireside chat with the founder and owner, Bob.
It really is a fire side chat too, in Bob’s office is a beautiful gas fire with logs, and the lounge is arranged around said fire.
Kristie (web / marketing), Surge (new hire in China (in town for three weeks for different things)) and myself were the ‘new’ hires, so the three of us settled down in the couch to hear Bob recount the story that lead up to the founding of Opto 22.

Now, before I tell you how I felt, for those that don’t know (and thats none of you that I know read this blog), I have been working with Opto 22 gear for 18 years. Thats full time. I have not had a ‘single’ day in the past 18 years where I have not worked with some other automation product that was not some how connected to Opto (so, Nick, does that make sense re Infinity?)…. Its all my kids know. They have grown up in a house that only ever mentioned ‘Opto’ in regard to their fathers work life. Think about that for a second. Before working with Opto gear at the hospital, I worked with different computers for about 6 years. So, 18 years at the hospital sort of over shadowed those 6 years more than 2 to 1. Also, my time at the hospital was a LOT more intense than those 6 years….. So, that’s a little back ground….. Now, hopefully what I am about to say will make a little more sense.
When I had a factory tour in 2000, it was really neat to see where all the parts I had been using came from. It was like a little bit of the puzzle fell into place. Same sort of effect when I had the full tour when I started. You get to meet all the guys and girls that make, design, and dream up all the gear I had been using for all those years…. That was very cool, but, I did not know it at the time, but there was still a little bit missing…….
Enter the fireside chat. Bob’s recounting of how it all started was that missing bit. It was the most wonderful hour. It was like finding out where you came from. Like knowing your history for the first time.
I found it very liberating and calming all at the same time.

Thanks Bob, and thanks Opto.