Down goes the web site

Freddy is in bed coughing up a storm, Amy is getting dressed for school, and Terry is fast asleep. Pretty typical morning, except, Im not going to work!!! Yah!
Since the cable guy is due this morning, I was thinking that it might be a good time to shift the computer. So, depending on how many loads we get taken over before he gets to the house, the web site (and that means blog and weather) will go down for a little while. Perhaps. Mabey. Duno really. Depends. If we dont get much stuf moved, it can wait till Sunday. Or not. It needs to be off the computer desk so Steve and I can move it. We’ll see.
At some stage in the next 3 days, the web site will go down for a little while. Longer if the cable company mess up my connection in the rental house.

Ok, what I am really trying to say is this, Gary, its a nice day, go for a ride and leave me alone for a bit huh?