The power of the slope.

As we took loads from the apartment to the house, I began to notice just how much of a slope the driveway at the new place has.
I was thinking ‘Hmm, thats going to be unfun going down that backwards on the bike’.
Yesterday was the first time out, and it was a little bit of a hand full, but we went straight down and it sort of worked. The problem with going straight down is that you then have to push backwards hard to get it up onto the road.
This morning I thought I would try going diagonal, that way, I would be going at the road at an angle.
Well, angle is right, the right leg is a little short to the road, so, yep, you guessed it, over she went.
Blah. And because it fell to the right, I had to lift it up hill to get it back on its feet. Not a nice lift when going that way. Now I know why I had heard so many stories of guys spinning them on the mounts so you lift it from the easy way……….
Anyway, no damage done (to the bike) and I will continue to experiment on how to get out of the garage….. watch this space.