May as well call it moved!

We handed the keys to the apartment in on the evening of the 24th.
Thus we are out and in.
I have to say, its changed the feel of the whole family. For the past 8 and a bit months we have been thinking the apartment was home, but now that we are in a ‘real’ house, its amazing how much more settled and ‘relaxed’ every one is.
I got Freddys head cold (despite the ‘no kiss’ rule I enforced for over 4 days), so on xmas day I spent my time tinkering with the web site while dribbling mucus from my nose and such. You can see the new Temecula rain radar web page here. You can see the new Temecula area earthquake and visible satellite pass web page here. I am about done with the radar page, the other needs some more work, but its a good start. I also did some other tweaks that are under the hood and we may look at in time.
It was nice to spend some time tinkering. I have forgotten so much of my night school course I did year before last at Ballarat Uni…. If you dont use it, you lose it.
Anyway, I enjoyed a nice easy day doing that, it was raining pretty good outside so it was nice to just relax.
The 26th we stepped it up a notch and got stuck into the unpacking thing. I also installed the weather station on its pole. I also got the allsky star camera up and running. (Yes, it is adjusted, there are just not as many stars in the north as in the south…. screen shots soon on this very topic).
The garage is still to be sorted. We really wanted to get the house sorted for Freddy and the kids. Im looking forward to tinkering in the garage getting it sorted ‘properly’. I just hope its done by the time my buddy Dan gets here (the 16th of Jan). I have a nice long to-do list for him, so his 1.4 days will not be idle.
I have also put a bunch of photos up. There are new photos in the ‘rental house‘ album, new photos in the ‘Temecula‘ album and new photos in the ‘Assorted‘ album. There is also a whole new album called ‘Amy‘. She wanted some photos before we left the apartment, so here is the start of her own little space in my Picasa albums.
Not all the photos have captions, so if you have any questions, just ask and I will tweak them as I go.
Yesterday we got a lot of the garage roughly sorted, we got my new electronics work bench assembled and the rain gauge mounted.
All in all, Im pretty tired, but its good to be ‘in’.

In a few days I will have been at work for 9 months, it seems like every month we think ‘Thats it, we are here’ only to find there is more settling down to do.
I guess my 27th move means there is one less thing to do this month than last….. Phew…. I aint getting any younger!