Come on people, its not hard……

Indicators, blinkers, winky-tinks, call them what you will, they really make driving in traffic just that bit safer and smoother when used…….
I know, I know, its a SoCal thing…… Im sure every other place in America uses their indicators, but for now, Temecula is NOT one of them.

There are two clear modes of use here;
1. Not at all.
2. Pick some random direction in the morning and leave it there all day.

I’m really confused as to which is the more anoying. Alls I know is that this blog entry has been brewing for many a month!!!!!
How hard can it be to flick the stick on the left of the stearning wheel and let people know what you are thinking / planing, and when you are done, flick it back???
Anyway, I could rant and rave here for a lot longer, but its all to no point. Perhaps I should not have even started, but some one (I remember who, but she will remain nameless) recomended one way to de-stress yourself is to write down what it is that is pushing you closer to the edge….. Im guessing that she was not advocating making those rants public………

My point is, when visiting Temecula, don’t expect to see any use of the humble blinker…… Except from a silver goldwing and purple passat….. (I hope).