California is broken

Here is an article that sums things up for the state of California at the moment.
In a nut shell (to save you reading the whole thing), we are broke.
More people have left the state than any other state this past year. We have the highest taxes and fewer public services than most other states. We are looking at having a $42 billion dollar deficit this year. We are the most populous state in the US and the worlds 8th largest economy and we are broke. So broke that the state is looking to give IOU’s rather than tax refunds this year. Over all, we have a 1.2 trillion dollar budget. Never mind the question of how this happens, or where all that money goes each year…….

Here is where I go out on a limb and propose a way to fix all that…..
After nearly having 3 accidents yesterday, twice on the bike and once in the car, I think we can solve California’s financial wows by simply enforcing one of our new laws. As of July 1st last year, it is illegal to talk on the phone while driving.
All three near misses were because the other driver was on the phone.
It is a 20 dollar fine for the first offense and 50 dollars for subsequent convictions. The other way this would dig us out is by reduced traffic accidents, and the resulting law suites and medical insurance blow out.
Its win, win, win. Within 6-8 months we would raise the required 40 billion dollars and save the other two billion.
Every one would be in control of how much they pay (the rich arrogant paying more than the humble poor) and so the burden would be spread fairly over the population.
Life in the paradise known as California would once again be good.

(Sarcastic rant over….. You can go back to your lives people, nothing more to see here).