Never work with animals or kids.

I’m sure if I googled it, I would find out who spoke such wise words, but in the end, it matters not who said it, just that its a true saying……

Because of the house move, I now ride past a open area, its got a good slope to it, and there is brush all over it. A rabbit / squirrel / ground critter haven, or, it would be, if not for this guy and a few of his mates flying above it;

Whats for breakfast.

Morning after morning I took my camera in the bike to try and get a photo of him. Many a time Freddy and I would walk down there on the weekends to try and get photo of him, but he would either fly off as soon as I got the camera out, or he would be facing away from the sun (and so make a very dark and dull photo).
I finally got everything lined up a few weeks back.
Here is a shot of him flying;

hawk flying

Beautiful huh?

I always have loved hawks and more than once looked into falconry. Its illegal in Australia, but legal over here. While I would love to be close to one, hold it in my hands, feel it take off and fly, it would be always on my mind that something is different about the bird because of my influence and training.
So, for now, I will stick to swearing at them under my breath that they don’t perform for the photographer!