I see the light…..again…..

After putting HID lights on my Garys bike, I knew that I would do it again on this Goldwing.
Thanks to the downturn in the economy an auto shop here went bust and they were selling their stock through Craigslist.
Turns out that they only had one sort of globe size left, H7, guess what size headlight globes the new Goldwing takes…. yep, H7.
I ended up chatting with the guy for a little while and not only did I get a SUPER deal on the HID’s, but he gave me 4 extra globes!

Anyway, here is a photo of one headlight on HID and the other one as stock……

HID vs Stock headlight
HID vs Stock headlight

Its pretty amazing the difference (just ask Gary).
The old bike had 1 headlight and 2 driving lights, this one has 4 headlights, 2 on low and 2 on high.
I still like the old death rays, they are amazing (just ask Gary) and would love a set on this bike, but I am not sure I am going to do THAT much riding at night here.
I will be doing a web page about how I put them on the bike, there is not a lot of info on the web about how to do it.
Turns out that it was easier to do it on this bike than the last one.

Thats about it for the bike at the moment. I have bought the parts for the garage door opener and I think that will be the next project…. watch this blog!