The weirdest thing happen this weekend.

I have no idea how, but this weekend, Sunday morning to be exact, the sun got up an hour late…….
Every morning since, its got up an hour late too…. weird, I cant figure it out…….
Ever since I was a teenager and read about it, I have been really excited about the radio clocks here in the States.
They pick up time signals and set them selfs, so this weekend, when the sun got up late, I knew it was the sun that was late, because my watch and bedside clock was the correct time……
Anyway, you should know that the sun is going to be late over here until November some time, so there is 6 hours difference between here and Australia for the next little while.
I hear that the sun is going to be early down under soon, so that will make the difference 7 hours. I will try and blog about that when it happens.