Test for leaving two years before you leave????

Things here still surprise me from time to time.
Take for example the fact that yesterday and today Amy is doing her leaving-high-school-exams…… but she has two years to go…….
No, I’m not kidding.
From my point of view it seems that they feel her last two years are more about getting ready for collage (or uni) than learning stuff, so, they are testing every one now to see that they have learned what they need to pass high school.
This notion is backed up by a few conversations I have had about the work readiness of kids out of high school here vs in Australia. In a nut shell kids out of school here will have a really (REALLY) tough time getting a job because ‘everyone’ knows they are pretty useless and cant do much. They NEED to go to collage or uni for a few years to become useful (note, that last sentence was pretty much a quote from 2-3 Americans).
The Auzi followers of this blog will know that any kid that has passed their HSC will be fine out in the workforce and can go far.
I want to do a separate blog on the topic, but over here number plate surrounds are a big deal, and there is a VAST number that proclaim what university you have come from. In a lot of cases, its not what course you did at uni, its what uni you come from……

Anyway, not sure when we get Amy’s result, but we are really trying to make things special for her the past few days, its been two solid days of exams for the girl, and they really matter.