But I cant see the sea…..

We are getting into the summer pattern here in Temecula it seems……
Clear blue skies, 22-28° and calm days…. Around 2-3 in the afternoon you get this nice breeze pop up. I can see it out my window (Im still chuffed to have nice big windows I can look out from my cubicle), and I can see it on my weather station data.
The nice thing is, when I walk out the building to go home at 4:30 each day, you can smell it….. it smells like the sea.
What I am lead to believe happens is that the inland warm desert air rises up, and the sea breeze flows in to take up the space.
Its just beautiful, feeling the fresh cool air and smelling the salt.

Its almost as good as coming home after a hard day in the office and smelling a pot of Freddys chilly cooking and seeing an open bottle of red wine sitting on the bench……..