Yeah, yeah, I know, I know…..

I said I would ‘never’ do any post processing on my photos….. well, I know better than to try and defend my actions against you lot, so here they are;

This one is just Ok, its interesting because you can see markings on the paint that you cant see in a normal photo.

This next one is the one that I like the best. It has a real, old industrial feel to it. A kind of old-meets-new, and its exactly how I feel a lot of times when I look at the telescope…. I mean it was built in the 1930’s and yet here we are doing state of the art astronomy on it. This processed photo reflects that (well, in my minds eye it does).

So, let the record show that these photos are NOT the desired post processing results I was looking for.
They are just some interesting effects that I found along the way.

IF I can get the results I am looking for, you will know via this blog, until then, I aint saying nothing about what I am never going to do!