Inside the Hale Telescope.

This coming Sunday Freddy and I will be giving our first ever public tour of the Hale Telescope, cant speak for Freddy, but I am nervous and excited.
As you regular blog followers would know, last month we did some training. One of the training sessions was that we got to go pretty much all over the place (prime focus about the only spot left on my list).
That way we can answer most questions along the lines of ‘Whats behind that door?’ It also means we know our way around the observatory and can thus move the group efficiently.
Here are some photos of me in said very cool places……..

I am the guy on the far right….. Even looking at this photo now, its hard to believe that I was right there!

This one is taken inside the east arm…..note the smile…. I was pretty happy to get to go to these places that I had only read about.
Can you really get this???… I am INSIDE the Hale Telescope…. ok, ok, well, I know that one or two of you will get it. It was VERY cool.

Here is one of me in the cassegrain cage, it is where all the good stuff is….. Once again, you can tell I am pretty happy to be there!

Lastly, here is a photo of Freddy and I mucking about with the new display that is at the outreach center;

You can click on any of the photos to get larger versions if you are so inclined.

Anyway, Im sure in due course you will hear how the first tour goes…….