Just talk amongst yourselfs……

We have three training groups in a row this month.


So, I will try and catch up a little on a few little blog entries that I have let slip, but no guarantees.

Tonight is date night with Amy.
Turns out that there is a Goldwing riders club in Temecula (who knew). I met one of the members at this weeks Temecula Valley Astronomy club (as you would) and he invited me along to one of their mystery rides tonight.
Since Amy wanted to go for a ride anyway, thought it would be a good chance to met some other riders and get a feel for the club.

Hmmm, I wrote the above 2 days ago, but never got time to either finish it or click the ‘Publish’ button….

So, we went on the ride. It was a lot shorter than I was hoping. But it was still interesting for two reasons.
1. It is the first time I used the CB on the bike. They used it a lot to keep the group in order and to help every one through the traffic. It was pretty cool. Amy certainly enjoyed it.
2. Its the first time I have ever ridden in a group of Goldwing club members. They are pretty tight on how it should be done, which was pretty good. Better than a crazy bunch all messed up down the road.

Seems it is more of a social group than a riders group. I could be wrong, but that was the impression I get.
Amy was the only ‘kid’ there too. Mostly older couples.
They ride pretty slow.

Amy and I took the twisty way home. It was a glorious day and we had a nice date night. We chatted a lot, so that was super.

Training this week and the next two in a row. So busy and tired (hummm, there is something new….or not).