More than just speed results.

I have no idea where Gary is…. its odd not to hear from him on such a topic near and dear to his heart…. especially on a topic where he can easily top me….. however, time marches on, so here are the speed results we have which will lead us totally off topic……

From slowest to fastest…..

My Dad. He’s on outback satellite, solar and wind powered to boot, so while he has the slowest connection, its the greenest, that’s worth something.
Dads download speed is 0.51mb/s. Upload speed is 0.08mb/s. (Still better than dial up ay Dad?)
Next up we have Matt B.
His download speed is 1.29Mb/s and up is 0.21Mb/s.
Next up we have my LA mate Jason.
His download speed is 1.51 mb/s. Upload speed is 0.37 mb/s.
But the all time winner is my old flight instructor from Ballarat.
Terry’s download is a blazing 34.33Mb/s and up is 1.71Mb/s.

So, lets hear it for Ballarat’s Neighborhood Cable premium….. who would have thought they would set this little contest on its ear?

However I feel the real conversation comes from Matts comment on the last blog which I reproduce here;
Now why would we engage in this obviously futile test when it will just fuel your internet bragging rights?????? It would appear that in the land of the stars and stripes they do have lightening fast internet, but lets turn to things that can keep us healthy such as good fresh food!!!! I know this is would be touching a raw nerve for you by now!!!! You know………….like gourmet passion fruit or mango yogurt, fresh fruit and veg’s, a great easily accessible muesli for brekky etc etc. I guess we all have our “bragging rights” in some areas and have to eat humble pie in others.
I am not particularly enjoying my slow speed internet pie right now, but it is the only pie I have. Just don’t forget Benno………….how frustrated are you going to be upon your return to this land of plenty???? Now that will be funny!!!!!!! Crispy fresh food for thought Dude!!!!!LOLROFLOL”

Matt is having a bit of a go at me, but he also makes a good point….. Each country and even state and town has its good points and bad points. Over here, we can get all you can eat internet for a good price, back home, you can have all you can eat yogurt for a good price.
I guess one of the main things I want to comment on is that I am trying to see the positive in things over here. Matt is doing the same over there.
Its the differences that make the places we live and the lives we live worthwhile or not.
Good food or good internet is not the choice. We are not picking one over the other. Its the fact that neither Matt or I have both.
Its about balance and compromise. I have really struggled finding either here for some time.
My little brag about all you can eat fast internet is just my little lame attempt to show that I found something here that tickled my interest…… but as Matt pointed out, it wont keep me alive for very long…….