I want my ‘missing’ 1500!

Washed the bike on Sunday. Also put a new MP3 player in. More on that at a latter date……..
Had reason to give the bike a bit of a squirt in first gear for the first time ever………

The tacho shows a max of 8500 RPM, when I got to 7ooo RPM, the rev limiter  cut in…. one of the weirdest sounds I have heard for a while. The limiter drops the revs, but you are still got them wound in, so it sits there and makes really odd noise over about 500 RPM, but the main thing is it was still pulling strong when it cuts out, so where is my 1500 RPM that the tacho says I have, but Mr Honda wont let me use????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Now, I told that little moment in time to say this……. I have a mate heading over in about 6 or 7 weeks and I have heard that he is a little nevous about getting on the back of the bike with me up front…. Now why oh why would he be nevous about getting on the back of a missile with me in control?
So, listen up Gary. Just spend the next few weeks psyching you self up and you will be just fine. I have slowed down a lot, you will love it.
Besides, the best way to see SoCal is on the back (and if you dont complaine much,  front) of a Goldwing……….