Ballarat shops I miss.

In no real order;

Clark Rubber.
SLC (Sound and Light Concepts, aka the old Turner Audio).
Any of the photo shops on Sturt St.
Sebas auto wreckers.
Thomas Jewelers.
BIS (and Noel’s ability to find computer stuff).
Olive Grove. (I might retract this one, I have heard there is an olive shop in town, I just have not had time to go there yet).

And probably one or two more that I cant recall just now…… Believe it or not, there are no shops like those here. I really miss being able to get what I need when I need it.
It sometimes baffles me how this place functions some times… But then I have also learned how to get by without these shops, you just get used to going without or doing things differently, or mostly, I just dont do the things I used to do.