One week = 3 days

Well, Gary has been and gone. We both agree that it was a very very quick week…. Like three days long… We both had a really good time….. I should have been keeping better track of what we did, but here are some highlights; Brazilian restaurant, this one was Garys only request and we all… Continue reading One week = 3 days

Crasher Squirrel.

Look what popped up at Opto……… For the full low down, and for this photo to make any sense at all, please follow this link here. (Thanks Benson and Braulio for the photo)


I have been thinking about this post for too long… Time to stop thinking and start typing! The past month and a half at work have been pretty amazing. While we have not really got anything to show for it yet, there is a LOT of cool stuff happening behind the scenes. I look forward… Continue reading Thank-you.