New member of the family…..

This one is number three…..  I have had two before, this one is the most ……. um…… interesting….. of them all…..

No, I am not talking about kids, I am talking about Range Rovers…….

Yeah, yeah, I am not going to go into here because, well, you are a tough audience and mostly because I have not got it all straight in my head yet. It was not spur of the moment, we have been looking for one for a fair while…..
Freddy loves it. Enough said?
Amy loves it. (At 16 she is old enough to drive it)….. (Dont think so).
Terry said its Ok…. wait till I take him to Indian Springs the back way, hes going to love it big time.
Me, yeah, its pretty nice. Very nice. Too nice? Time will tell.

Ok, Ok, I know you are all chomping at the bit to see it, so here is 3000 words for you……..

Its the most ‘flash’ Rover I have ever owned.

Rover and view
Rover and view

The guy that we bought it off has sprayed the door handles, trim, grill and bumpers all white.
I dont like it, what do you think?

Lots and lots of buttons!
Lots and lots of buttons!

I guess the best thing is that it has lots and lots of buttons!!!!!
Seriously, it has everything electric, (even the head rests are electric). seats (with two memory positions), mirrors that drop down when you select reverse, digital air condtioning, in dash GPS, LCD rear view mirror (it changes brightness on its own sensor), 14 speaker 200 watt stereo, electronic air suspension (it changes its height according to speed and other factors) and leather seats (front and back).

Anyway, it was cheap, that’s the main thing. Its a 2002, the last of the old body shape with 100,000 miles or 160,000 kms, so its not new, but its new to us and we like it.

More photos and stories to come.


  1. Hey Ben,

    How much fuel does this beast chew? nice looking thing you need to get a shot for the boot of the inside with the seats down in a dark place on a long exposure and run a torch down it. if you do change the white balance. nice I like it!

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