Amy and city lights.

Date night a few weeks back Amy and I dropped Terry off at his usual Wednesday night Parkour session at the gym. From there, we headed up to De Luz (surprise).
We went to our usual lookout park, but this time not to just sit, look and talk at the windscreen (ok, and each other, that would be the point of date night), but this time we had the camera in hand and wanted to take some photos.IMG_0873 IMG_0864

Not sure what’s with the whole sunglasses at night thing, but it was fun at the time.
It was a good night, bit windy so it was hard for Amy to keep still. I painted her in LED light for the first one, hence the blue tinge. The yellow is from the parkers on the Rover, we had a blanket over one and half covered the other, other wise it was just too much.

Anyway, there is two photos for my sister Sue who never sends me photos from home, and yet takes a squillion of them…… (Hey, had to have a jab at someone other than Gary, he tells me he’s getting sore ribs (not!))