Hang up and drive already!

I have blogged about this before. I will blog about it again I am sure!!
Talking on the phone while driving is dangerous!
Here is yet another study done that shows some interesting data.

Some of you caught my micro blog about selling the bike…. The main reason is pretty personal and not something that I am likely to blog about any time soon, but the second reason is the topic of this blog.
I am thinking of selling because I am seeing more and more bad driving here in Temecula because of people who talk and drive.
The linked article claims that talking on the phone while driving is about the same as having a blood alcohol level of 0.08.
At 0.05 in Australia you can lose your license. Personally, I think that limit is too high…. I had a few drinks one night over the course of about 4 hours and a good meal, 2 beers, 2 glasses of red wine and a small whiskey…..  I knew in myself that I should not drive. I did not feel too bad, but I was feeling the effect of the alcohol, so Freddy drove…. We went though a breath test about 4 houses from home, so I walked back once we parked the car. I explained to the officers what I had to drink and they were only too happy to breath test me…. The result, I blew 0.02. There was no way known I was comfortable getting behind the wheel at that amount. I shudder to think what 0.05 is like, let alone 0.08!!!!!

Answer that phone next time it rings while you are driving, and in an instant you have drunk quite a bit!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, yes, you are right, I chose to ride a bike, yes, I am more exposed, yes, it would be safer if I was wrapped in steel like you, but you chose to weave all over the road. You chose to rear end the vehicle in front, you chose to run the light, to run the stop sign, you chose that talking to your better half / friend / work mate is more important than my life and welfare of my family.
I make my choice and you force me to make another.

Hang up and drive already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I probably should stop now, yes, its something that gets me pretty worked up. It so easy to stop, just don’t answer the phone while you are driving. Let your voice mail pick it up.