Crash goes my web site, crash crash crash….

Its like this….. My third hand 5+ year old computer has power issues and locks up now and then. Never now, and always then, well, sometimes…..

Anyway, point is, when it does, my whole web site (geek hint, that includes this blog), goes down, as in, ‘the web site you are looking for is not there’.
Yeah, its a hassle, yeah, I’m flattered that you miss me when I am gone, no, complaining about it is not going to help and no, I am not sure when I am going to fix it.

See, the problem is, its not just any old computer, its an old computer, and I have parts in this one that will not work on a new computer, so I cant just dash off to Fry’s and buy a new one and get back up and running faster and stronger than ever before. So, I need to look for another old computer, one that does not have issues…. But not just any old computer, if I am going to spend the time changing everything over, I want to make sure its a bit of an upgrade to make it worth my not inconsiderable time to do the do….. No point doing all that for a computer that runs slower than the one I have…. wait, the one I have locks up and does not run at all….. blah! You know what I mean.

In the mean time. If you hit the site and its down, a POLITE email (Gary) would be really helpful as I can then let Freddy know and she can reset it.

Thanks and Chow.