2:1 = ‘cant’ live without it.

I have about 70 applications on ‘my’ (technically, it belongs to work, they are letting me borrow it while I work on all this web stuff) iTouch…….. Of those, about 37 need the web to even function.
What does this mean? It means, when you don’t have the web, there is not much to do with it.
Same thing with my laptop, when you don’t have the web, its pretty much a dead weight.
All of this came about when we arrived in Sydney and the motel seemed not to have Internet access. (There was no mention of it on their web site nor in the room). It was not looking good to get much done. It was amazing how isolated I was feeling. No constant email, no news, no blog updates, no twitter, no work websites…. on and on it went. I know I have built my life around the net, but it really surprised me just how much so.

Thankfully we found (by using the itouch to look for open access points) that there was a motel log on web page, so we asked about and found for a pretty reasonable price (remember, Australia has not come to all you can eat internet for a flat rate yet) we could get internet access.
Turns out, its not real quick and they have a bunch of ports locked down, but, hey, we are on the net and for that I am very grateful.

Moral of the story? There is none. We all know how much I ‘live’, work and depend on the net. I’m a geek, its what I do. I was just surprised how much so. I guess, when I stop and blog about it, I have net at work and net at home, and they are the only two places I spend most of my time. For the past two years I have been constantly surrounded by the fog of the WWW.

Huh, who  knew??