Where am I, who am I?

Messy head = messy blog, so lets get started.

We left Sydney (yah!, over crowed, too much traffic, too noisy, too smelly, nothing familiar) yesterday.

Drove down to the nations capital, Canberra, really nice drive. Good to see the country side again. Really good. Little to good. Tugged at a few heart strings.
(Just on the whole heart thing…. I was please to tell the kids that after the chest x-ray was developed we had solid proof that I really do have a heart!!!)
Got lost on the way to my auntys (they are changing a major interchange and the GPS had us driving off the map), ended up at a big shopping mall.
Since it was lunchtime (side note, according to Terry, its always lunchtime), we pulled in and grabbed a pie, still not sick of them and noticed that Avatar was on at the movies.
Saw Avatar. More on that soon.
Got unlost and arrived at the auntys place…..nice to be somewhere that we recognize.
Had a typical ausi bbq. Some real beer and got attacked by flies and mozies. Yah. We are home….. wait, where are we?

Freddy, Amy and I are all still nursing sore arms from the shots. Really sore. Like, cant really lift them very high, they are hot to touch and just generally constant ache.
I am feeling pretty off too. Hard to put my finger on. Just really flat and sickly. Not tired, but not awake. Not crook, not well. Thirsty, not hungry. Im not sure if its what the Dr pumped me full of or something else.

The light in this place is amazing. Just watching the sun dance off the gum trees is amazing. I have always been aware of it, but its like the volume has been turned up on it now.
There is no way I can catch it in a photo or even HD movie. Its just is something to have to see and feel.
It was nice last night to watch the thunder clouds build up, get all gray and black and then just dissolve at sunset.

Further proof that the timing of this trip was not up to us….. its leading into a full moon. By the time we get out of the cities and into some dark skies we should be totally blown out by the moon that will not set in time to get some star photos. Blah.
Does not sound like a big deal to you, and it probably is not, but I will bear my sole a little and give you a glimpse as to what it means for me…… The southern cross is my favorite constellation. I think its the most beautiful group of stars in the whole sky. And since this is my blog, and I have just spent 21 months in the north, and so have now seen all that the night sky can offer, I can say that and you cant argue…….
In the plane on the way over, I opened the shutter near the toilets and looked out, there was Orion and Taurus, I thus walked over to the other side of the plane, opened the shutter and there it was. At 35,000 feet, it was shining bright! It was such a beautiful sight, I could not hold back, I started crying….. So yeah, seeing the night sky, with no moon…. its a big deal to me!

Today I feel like lying in bed all day and feeling sorry for myself. So, Im not. Freddy and Melva are going to go to the art gallery (there is supposed to be some amazing paintings here from Europe for some reason or another and its all very rare to see them blah blah blah), the kids, myself, aunty Marion and one of her grandkids are going to the science museum next door.
It should only take half a day or so for that. Then we are going to come back to the house and do some home work.
Tomorrow we drive to Freddy (and Melva’s) home town of Shepparton to see her family and mum. Her mum is not well, so the timing to see her is spot on.

At Shepparton we enter the black hole of WWW access. My mum-in-law does not have any, so we will be quite for a few days till we get up to Matts at Uranquinty.

Chow for now.