Bad day, but there are always photos.

Had a lot of varied work to do today. Sort of had a plan. Felt pretty good as I launched into the day. The first job did not go as planed and the day went downhill from there…….
The end result was that I ended up doing a job very late in the day that should have been done when I was feeling a LOT fresher. End result. One brand new video camera got burnt out. Not happy. Not happy at all.
The humming bird camera got full of water with all the rain we had and while it was still working, the image was fogged up. So I took it down and was planing on replacing it and upgrading the critter cam. Yeah, always check the voltage. That’s my only tip.
I was kinda on the edge by the time I got to that stage of the day, so that was a bit of a last straw…. Still struggling settling back in it seems.

On to lighter news…. Gary (one of my very regular readers and good mate) has a bus. He’s converting it to be an RV. Thing is, it leaks. Its been the brunt of many a joke as a result amongst a few friends. Seems it does not leak if its parked downhill (or is it uphill?)……anyway, I just want to publicly say that you should be careful about mocking others……..
I have not been able to check the Rangies tire pressure accurately since we bought it because the valve stems are too short to get a pressure gauge on. The Rangie has some funky handling, so I have been wanting to check them for a long time. Job number 5 or 6 today also went off the track and we ended up down at the local Big 5 sporting goods store (yeah, I would really prefer you did not ask…. that includes you Gary…. and you Dan…. oh, and that’s enough out of you Matt B!). Next door to the Big 5 is a car parts shop (hmmm, now that I sort of retell the day, I can see I should have just stayed in bed!). So I wandered in and looked around. I found some LED lights. Did not buy any. Soon, but not today. I also found some valve extensions.
Went home, put them on…..and well, yeah, the obvious thing is to check the tire pressures…. so where is my tire pressure gauge????
Job 8 got pushed back as I pulled apart the garage. (Side note, I used to know where stuff was in my garage at home (Buninyong), but I have not been able to find didilly since I got here!).
Could not find either (I have two) for love or money. Not in the garage and not on the bike… that left the Rangie tools.
The Rangie tools are in the wheel well under the back floor. No problem, the poms have it sorted and there is a nice little handle and prop and stuff. So, I prop the lid and …. well…. um… to say I am shocked is a rather understatement……… The spare wheel….. all my tools…… um…. errrrr (Ok, Gary, that really is enough out of you!!!!)..
Seems the Rangie leaks a little when its parked uphill. Everything was under water. I mean liters and liters and gallons of water. So, job 10 gets pushed back and I start bailing the water out, unpacking all the tools… and yes, I found both ELECTRONIC tire pressure gauges… yes, both were rather drowned… (Gary, I said.. .that’s enough!).
2 hours later I had it all dried out, and repacked. The tires? All over the shop, least was 42psi, most was 49psi. Cold. Tad hard I think. They are all now at 40psi, see if that helps…… that is if the drowned and resuscitated tire gauge(s) is telling the truth (they were within 2 psi, so I said near enough is good enough).

Anyway, Im sure I have just provided smoko laughing fodder and future amo for years to come… but hey, Im feeling pretty down, so could use a little kicking to get me back up…….

Photo of the day? Yeah, see, the new web photo album was about job number 3. It never happen. I want to integrate the new album into the web site and change the background color to be a little darker….. that way, when I linked to it in this blog and talked about it a little, it would all be nice and good looking.
Now I get to it. I give in. Im not going to talk about it. Other than to say. I am really enjoying taking photos and taking a photo ever day this month has been really therapeutic.
When I fix the album and make it work, I will link to it and talk about here (in the mean time, if you really want to know and have not already noticed, go to my home page and click on the link that’s been there for about a month now).
So the humming bird cam will be down for a little longer. I have a sick feeling in my guts over the fried camera and so have no idea what to do (I doubt I can fix it, and its not covered by warranty and its probably not worth sending anywhere to get repaired). Enough to say the critter cam is off the job list for a while.
Work is super mega busy, more so than usual. Have not caught up with the month away I suspect.
Most of the jobs from today also are also still pending…. and there is another added to the end of the list… find out where the water is getting into the Rangie (Hope you laughed so much you split your port!)