10.5 hours latter, and we are back on the interwebs

Power was out a little longer than they said it would be…. But that’s Ok, the Southern Edison trucks are still out around the streets and they have a few pits open, so clearly things did not go like they expected or planed.. I have had a few days like that, so who am I to complain?
UPS held things up for about 40 min, so I am happy with that. Once we get a house I plan on getting the solar panels up and run the computer off them using the UPS. Was the plan in Buninyong, it still is the plan (that’s if the HOA (Home Owners Association) will let me put them up…. don’t get me started!).

Rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon / evening and we have a training group in, so life is busy.

Edit: Oh, and Gary…. The computer booted right up, and if I was you, given the amounts of electricity you are using, I would not be making jokes about MY momentary lack of electricity!!