Shipment temperature.

I have been trying to sort through all our old hard drives and consolidate all the files (and mostly photos) onto one hard drive that I can back up and manage better.
Its a huge mess and a huge job. Its making me rethink how I manage my photos for the 365 Project and into the future….. I don’t want to have to do this again any time soon…. In fact, I have been at it for about 5 hours now and still have about 4 hard drives to go, so I’m not sure I am actually going to get it finished….. Ever.

Among a bunch of old photos that I am struggling to figure out how to 1. make available for the family to view and 2. share some of them with you lot, I found this treasure………

I’m not a nerd Really Im not, lots of people do this sort of thing…….. I just happen to put a temperature data logger into my electronic stash of stuff that got set from Australia to USA about 2 years ago….. Today, I found the results…… My desire to share them with you all is overwhelming……. (Arn’t you all lucky to have such a cool geeky friend……. Dont answer that, any of you!!!).

Temperature of shipment
Temperature of our stuff in transit

Click on it to make it bigger.
I found it really interesting. I think the hump at the middle would be when the boat crossed the Equator or some such hot area.

Anyway, back to sorting hard drive data……..