Uranquinty weather is back on the Internets.

Good news folks… late last night (Aust time) Matt and I got Uranquity weather data back up and running.
There was no real problem as such, Matt had a hardware issue with the weather station and I had swapped PC’s.
Once he got the data coming in, I set him up on the new computer and we are back!

In case you are wondering, we still have to fix his weather web camera. Those pictures are not updating.
And yes, I know that my all sky cam and humming bird cam are also not working… Its all to do with the new computer. Its a pretty big job to change it all over. (So hence I bought what I hope is a pretty powerful one that will last me for many years to come!).
I plan to do some work on the cameras this Sunday, but we all know how plans go……

Anyway, welcome back Uranquinty weather, sure have missed you!